Siobhan O'Brien Photography

Siobhan is a professional photographer working in Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis and beyond! A background in photojournalism has provided a solid foundation for a wide variety of work which includes weddings, special events, commercial and portrait work.

30 years of experience has made for quite a few stories!  Some of them are touching, others are funny, and others are about the unexpected things that have happened along the way!  Let's just say a book or movie script may be in my future.

I'm doing exactly what I set out to do all those years ago in college.  A  double major in journalism and photography has served me well telling my clients' stories today.  Most of all, it's still fun!

Recent times have brought small weddings to the forefront.  I have a great relationship with the Annapolis Wedding Chapel - it's where the micro wedding was invented!  You will see I have a gallery dedicated just to the Chapel.

This is where I'm supposed to tell about me, but I'm not really big on that, I would rather hear about you!

I live in Baltimore with my favorite people and dogs.

Here is my number if you would prefer to give me a ring. Please leave a message if i don't answer, I may be photographing!

mobile     410.812.4001

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